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Workflow Automation

At ProductRx, we simplify our clients' operations via workflow automation - the modern way to build business systems using building blocks. Examples of systems we have built using workflow automation include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Planning
  • Office Automation

We will transition your business from paper or Excel to online, automated processes within weeks. Talk to us.



We have partnered with our clients on defining new products, positioning products in new markets, streamlining retail marketing, etc.


Deployed at leading export houses, our solutions help our clients project a professional image with accurate documentation, timely deliveries and regular updates.


Easy to use CRM solution for salespeople on the go. Do follow-ups, take orders, track orders, etc. Management gets realtime sales reports.


Corporate caterers now have a software package that understands their business. Inventory management, production planning, service delivery, revenue reconciliation, etc. Everything is covered.

Financial Services

Financial advisory businesses can say good bye to Excel when it comes to managing clients, investments or their employees. A complete package to run a financial advisory operation is right here.


Housing societies, NGOs, etc have varied needs for software solutions. Memberships, events, beneficieries, etc. Workflow automation provides a one stop solution for these diverse requirements.

Workflow Automation - FAQ & Steps

Workflow Automation is the modern way of developing custom business applications from basic building blocks. New applications can be put together with no coding required. The applications developed in this manner are more robust, and they take less time to develop.

At ProductRx, we have setup a wide range of business applications using this method. A few examples

  • Inventory mangement
  • Purchase request with a chain approvals
  • Revenue reconciliation
  • Mutual funds application processing
  • Conveyance reimbursements
  • Task management

OpteriX workflow automation platform from ProductRx includes all the building blocks required to setup complex business applications. Business processes of the client are first undertood clearly, and then mapped on to the OpteriX platform.

Apps developed on OpteriX platform can be accessed from PC, Tablets or Smartphones. Internet connection is required.

Step 1: Process Mapping

In this step, we spend time meeting with client's team understanding their processes. Documenting the various steps, and understanding roles, responsibilities of the different teams.

A process diagram is charted out at this stage pointing out how work gets done at present. Ideas for how the process could be transitioned to an online platform are discussed and agreed.

Step 2: Workflow Setup

Following a detailed understanding of the process, workflows are setup to help client understand how it will work on the online platform. Feedback is collected, understanding of the process is improved. The workflow model is corrected.

The above feedback process happens for some time until both parties are happy with the flow of the process, and all the roles and responsibilities have been clearly assigned.

Step 3: Training & Roll-out

A trainer is identified well in advance. It's the trainer's responsibility to ensure the new process is adopted by all and any difficulties in adoption are highlighted and corrected in a timely manner.

Issues identified during the training period are addressed with utmost criticality because these may prevent adoption of the new processes.

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Sales Leader

Workflow automation is an exploding market opportunity. Too many businesses run on paper. Their costs are unaccounted, and revenue compromized. Join us in helping businesses grow.

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Automation Consultant

Automation consultant Works with the client's team to understands the clients' business, organization and processes. Sets up streamlined processes, and helps the clients team adapt to the new way.

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Web Developer

Do you love to make beautiful web pages that perform complicated operations effortlessly? We are looking for a web developer who can craft great HTML and also, who can do coding.

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